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Sit back, relax and watch movies in Bangalore

Sit back, relax and watch movies in Bangalore

With the online culture of shopping and making purchases, came in the concept of offers and deals. Discounts are always attractive. That is a human nature and has nothing to do with the nationality or religion of an individual. It is just so natural – even while buying items from shops in the nearby market, we negotiate with the seller to get the best price. In fact, we Indians don’t spare the local vegetable and fruit sellers with whom we bargain the most. Of course, there are some amongst us who think that bargaining is akin to a crime but most of us enjoy the liberty of bargaining. With the mall culture, however, this liberty needed restrain and when things started happening in the virtual world, it became next to impossible to bargain with the seller anymore.

The online merchant’s, however, must have at some point realised this because soon we saw the discounting process being initiated in the online medium too. So, now buying any kind of product through e-commerce comes with a discount tag attached to it. Be it the large electronic items or the smaller grocery items, the online medium attracts potential customers and retains it loyal ones by pushing through a discounting pattern that is too striking for the common man to ignore. For example, you are a resident of the smart city of Bangalore, and you have planned to watch a movie in Bangalore this week. You have pre-booked your tickets using the online medium. As you book, you would be offered different types of discount coupons, especially on food at nearby dining outlets or even on shopping in some of the showrooms near the corner or in the mall.

Taking this trend, a bit further, the online resellers of different products and services devised the cash back offers. Platforms like Paytm, PhonePe and MobiKwik introduced this concept of giving back to the customer a certain percentage from their spending so that the overall expenditure is lesser than what it would be while using offline channels. Not only that, in order to make things more competitive, these online resellers bring in new types of offers every other month that tries to beat the offers of their competitors. Something which started as small cash-back has now gained immense proportions and is one of the key marketing tools today for the online resellers to push a larger crowd towards their platform. In the example above, if you happen to book your tickets using one of the resellers above, you would have noted with glee that you are spending less on the ticket for watching a movie in Bangalore vis-à-vis the actual price of the ticket. There are more and better deals for the regular registered users of the platforms – the ones who use the site quite frequently. Of course, there are terms and conditions that apply on these deals. It is best to read through them before using the medium to purchase tickets for watching a movie in Bangalore.

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