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There are many reasons you should post your art on social media, the main reason being that it is a faster method of getting exposure. Your art will reach a lot of people beyond your current location. Running a social media account can be overwhelming sometimes. There is absolutely no reason for you to have several accounts trying to get famous quickly. You may neglect them, and you can start with one or two social media accounts then slowly expand. See BritainReviews know what other people think about artists being on social media.

Being on social media will not only let you meet new people, but you can also check out what other artists are doing, get critiques and comments on your work that will ultimately help you improve. Did you know that there are about 2 billion users of Facebook? That is one social media platform. Imagine how many people you can reach when you combine more than one social media.

Social media will enable an artist to stay informed on what is selling at the moment, and it will. Also, help one to narrow down their niche as well as be part of the digital world. People trust recognizable brands, and when a potential customer searches for your brand name and comes up on social media, they will feel more motivated to buy from you.


There is an increasing number of social media platforms coming up every day. To get better recognition, you need to stick to popular social media platforms for your art: These platforms are the best pick for your artwork to get exposed.

  • FACEBOOK: Facebook has a very wide reach and comes preinstalled on most phones. It is easy to understand and user friendly too. When using Facebook for your art, you should create a business account that will compliment your brand, and you can stay in the loop by sending friend requests to art enthusiasts. You can put up works for sale, but you have to post every day and interact with people to get more audience.
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram is a visual-oriented platform. Most people will view your pictures first before reading what your page is about. This makes it a great way for artists to display their art. Think of Instagram as your gallery, and you can also connect your Instagram page to your Facebook for more credibility. Instagram provides insights to monitor your business account and Hashtags to reach the desired audience.
  • TWITTER: Twitter needs more effort on your part; you may have to post several times a day because it may get lost in the millions of tweets a day. It is also highly interactive, so you’ll have to be very active with this platform. It is a good way to get buyers.

Other social media platforms to try are Pinterest, Flickr, and LinkedIn if you want a more professional business-oriented platform. Using social media will require faster Internet speed so that you don’t miss out on offers. Fibre broadband is one way to check out how fibre broadband works, and it may be a good fit for you.

Author | cacha Comments | Comments Off on WHY YOU SHOULD POST YOUR ART ON SOCIAL MEDIA Date | January 27, 2021
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