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Best Events for Christian Rappers

Best Events for Christian Rappers

Christian rap has a big moment right now, with their music hitting radio stations and gaining fans like never before.  Unfortunately, unless you’re as well known as Lecrae, it can be challenging to figure out how to get into the industry.  What shows are appropriate for you?  Can you do more than just become a SoundCloud artist?

Here are the top events Christian rappers can make the most of.

Wedding Receptions

Couples celebrating the beginning of their lives together are often conflicted about what type of music to have at their receptions.  They want to move and have fun and be excited: they also wish their older family members to feel comfortable partying with them.  Because of this, Christian rap is a step in the right direction.  Both fun and upbeat, while clean: this genre feels like it was almost made for fun wedding receptions.

Graduation Parties

Graduation is thrilling because it’s a time of new beginnings and moving forward into the world.  Families who want to show they support and love their kids while keeping the music fun and appropriate for most families can be stuck on picking what that means.  Christian rap is the best way to balance everything while still getting incredible music.

Church Camps

During the summer and late spring, many camps seek out performers who can put on memorable shows for their campers.  Church camps are always looking for new and fun ways to help kids see the importance of what they’re doing: this is an opening for you.  Christian rappers can call camps for both kids and adults and ask if they’re looking for any performers that summer.


This may seem like an obvious answer, but birthday parties are the top gig for Christian rappers who play gig to gig. Most famous for teen parties, but ranging over a vast number of years and people, these parties let attendees cut loose and have fun while knowing the music is something they wouldn’t be ashamed to admit listening to.

Music Festivals

The type of music, audience, and performance expected changes from festival to festival: but if you’re unknown, it may feel impossible to get this kind of gig.  It’s not, though!  Music festivals need openers to entertain the crowd before the headliners come in.  Although it may feel like a small job, opening for festivals can give you experience in front of a huge crowd.  You can seek out Christian music festivals, but you don’t necessarily have to.

Community Events

Although some Christian rappers assume that the only events they can try for have to be related to the church, that’s not true!  Many community events would love to have these skilled performers show off their skills.  The way to find out is to look around at your city events websites and see what’s coming up.  Many cities offer park performances on the weekends and seek out artists who can fill these spots: reach out and see if you can grab that gig!  This is a fantastic way to connect with your community while also getting to perform and have fun.

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