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How to Spruce Up Your Office with Some Cool Artwork

How to Spruce Up Your Office with Some Cool Artwork

We spend around a third of our entire lives at work. For lots of us, work means staying in the office and dealing with a ton of paperwork, documents, and computer analysis. Some might think it’s easy to be in the office sitting all day in a comfy chair, but the truth is way different.

After a couple of hours in the same place, you become nostalgic for the great outdoors. You feel trapped and claustrophobic. This is why you need something to make the place cheerful and playful. Adding some artwork in the office is a smart thing to do if you don’t want to feel entrapped.

In this article, we’re sharing some ideas that will help you make a different décor than the old one that’s dull. We’re sharing eight office with art ideas that will transform the place into something that you’d love to spend time in. Check out what we have prepared.

Motivational posters will make you work harder

Have you seen the show “How I met Your Mother?” Do you remember how many motivational posters Barney had in his office? It’s a great way to raise productivity with them. Every now and then we struggle with motivation and we need someone to lift us. It’s not easy doing it, though.

Sometimes the poster that shares a motivational quote may be just what we need. It will lift our mood and we will get back on the old tracks. You know how they say, it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up. That’s literally what you can have as a motivational poster.

Personal art will add value to the place

If you’re a painter, sculptor, photographer, or anything connected to art, then turning your office into an art studio is exactly what you need to do. Spending eight hours per day inside means that you need to feel comfortable there. This is the best way to do it without a doubt.

Have your paintings framed perfectly and make a collection of them on the walls. That way, you can always feel happy when things are not going great at work. Just looking at them will give you joy and motivation to go on. Aside from this, someone might even be interested in your art and turn this into a side hassle.

Separated frames with the same photograph create amazing art

With all kinds of different art ideas, some might like one more over another. If you don’t like any of the above painting or photograph ideas, why don’t you try this one – a series of photographs or paintings that will make a perfect composition.

You can stretch them across more walls and have an entire story. Some people love the idea of placing more photographs to tell a story. Maybe a timeline of their children growing up, or something similar to this.

Famous paintings will create a class

It’s not easy to find original paintings from famous artists and it is not the most affordable way to redecorate your office. However, having a personal favorite artist can be appreciated by adding some of the many replicas you can find on the market.

If you’re a Klimt lover, the famous painting named “The Kiss” will go perfectly in the background of your desk and everyone that walks in will see it. This can be an excellent way to start a conversation with someone who knows art. At the same time, it shows your class and makes you an art lover. Learn more about Gustav Klimt here.

Entire wallpaper to cover the back wall

Placing an entire wallpaper in the background will change the looks of the room dramatically. The best part is that you can keep on changing the wallpaper whenever you feel bored with it. It’s a common situation for someone to choose one in the store but realize it’s not looking perfect in the office.

They will simply strip the old one down and put on a new one. There’s no need for serious efforts while doing this. It’s easy and simple to be done which is why wallpapers are so popular for decades behind.

Classy wall sculptures to make you feel glam

Wall sculptures are something else. They were not as popular in the years before, but in the last decade, the trend really took off. The options are endless, from simple wall-made sculptures to true installations that are transferring powerful messages.

If you like the idea, you can explore ideas on the internet and find something that you’ll love. Inspired by art already made in someone else’s place, you can go on a step further and create an idea of your own to make your place personalized.

Shelves that will make the place convenient

How about turning art into practice. More often than not, offices are places where tons of documents are stacked in corners without a place to go. Books, documents, and important items of the person holding the office are scattered all across the place.

Instead, you can have shelves. A perfect place for everything to be stored perfectly. You can have all the needed books, all the important documents in one place, or simply use them as a place where your favorite items will stay – like the baseball you caught on the stands 20 years ago. See more shelf ideas on the link:

Metal grid for those into engineering

Not just engineers, but everyone who loves this kind of art. A metal grid or a metal sculpture can be a great add-on to the walls in your office. They can be used simply as art, or they can have a practical use by placing items in the grids.

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to use it for – if you love it, then be sure that this is the best thing that you should get for your office. The only thing it matters is for you to be happy inside.

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