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Reasons You Require Hair Cleanser for A Follicle Drug Test

Reasons You Require Hair Cleanser for A Follicle Drug Test

According to studies and research, hair analysis is gaining popularity when compared with other screening methods that are available in the USA. The main reason for that is due to its accuracy, which is not the case with urinalysis and mouth swab tests.

Even though hair analysis is not efficient for short-term consumption, because you have to wait for at least five days for THC metabolites to enter your hair, it will remain inside for a few months, which means that employers can detect the previous drug abuse.

One of the best ways to pass this particular testing method is by using hair test shampoos as well as other chemicals that will help you reach the perfection. It is essential to state that in the previous year, 10{e5503dccd5c5807c2ef5e289c6a0ea2e9b55f1f34e532e1f6d758df53454bda4} of employees from the USA failed a hair analysis due to cannabis consumption.

At the same time, they were an occasional smoker or first timers that were caught in bad moments, but people that consumed it regularly and frequently.

Therefore, we can easily say that people who fail these particular screening methods are frequent users, and the purpose is to detect regular abusers as a way of maintaining a drug-free working environment.

Have in mind that presence of cannabis as well as other illegal substances can get inside your hair through the bloodstream after the ingestion. Of course, THC metabolites will circulate your blood and enter your hair follicles, saliva, and urine as well.

In a matter of days, metabolites will become the part of hair follicles and get out from the shaft as the main compound of the hair structure as it starts to grow out.

Scientists have found that general hair growth rate is approximately 0.5 inches per month, and hair analysis will test for metabolites that are closest to the shaft.

Based on the length of your hair, they will measure the past drug abuse, but they are not able to accurately state the exact timeline for drug usage.

Generally, hair analysis cannot determine the difference between THC byproducts you consumed five days ago from the ones you did two weeks before the test.

Even though it sounds confusing, you should remember that cannabinoids, as well as THC, react in our bodies in a complicated way, and that is why most byproducts end up circulating our bodies and various systems.

Weed will remain in your bloodstream for a short period, but the signs of the previous usage will remain in your hair for a longer time. The surrounding root of your hair will bind the cannabinoids underneath the tissue, and they will incorporate themselves within the hair follicle.

Administrators will use hair samples so that they can determine whether you have drug compounds inside or not. They will take approximately 1.5 inches from the scalp so that they can evaluate the usage.

The question is, why are organizations and employers returning to hair testing methods instead of other, more accessible and common ways for screening? The first and most significant reason is due to its precise and accurate results when compared with other drug testing methods.

At the same time, it will detect long-term abuse of specific substances, which is not the case with other testing methods. Finally, organizations know that it is simple to tamper with urinalysis, but that is not the case with the hair drug test because you will not be able to cheat the test.

You should check here and you can learn more on THC and its chemical properties.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

In case you’re a regular smoker, you have to be ready for bad news, which means that you won’t be able to cleanse yourself naturally in a few days before.

The fact is that if you are searching for a job and wishes to pass a pre-employment drug test, you will need at least three months and slightly more to remove altogether THC particles, which will lead to positive results.

In case that you have smoked recently, you can rest assured, because you will need to wait between five and ten days for newly grown hair ingested with THC to start popping out. Technically speaking, you can smoke on the day of the test and you will be able to pass it.

At the same time, if you consumed it a few times in the last three months, you can also rest assured because it will not reach the threshold for failing the test. The idea is that only regular weed consumption will trigger a positive test, and that is something you have to remember.

Everything depends on timing, so if you are aware that you have an upcoming drug test, you should start with abstinence as soon as possible. Even though it may be problematic, it is highly necessary for you to do it.

Hair Detox

One method is efficient when it comes to detoxifying your hair, and it includes finding the various chemicals that will help you throughout the process.

We are talking about Aloe Rid detox shampoo, which is highly essential for penetrating the hair shaft and removing unwanted compounds and byproducts.

Apart from that, you will need a shampoo that features salicylic acid as well as vinegar and liquid detergent so that you can handle the entire process with safety.

You should start by placing small amounts of vinegar on your hair and scalp and massaging for at least fifteen minutes before you are ready for the next step.

This will help you loosen oil content in your hair, and after handling it, you should place salicylic acid shampoo and wait for half an hour for it to create a perfect environment for cleansing.

The main issue is that you will feel burning sensations on your head, which may affect your comfort, but it will not be too painful so you can get used to it.

You should watch this video:, to learn how to properly cleanse your hair from THC.

After time passes, you should use Aloe Rid shampoo for rinsing your hair, but you need to do it twice to improve the efficiency. Finally, place the small amount of liquid detergent and massage it as well but protect your face and eyes from irritation.

Your hair will be bristle, which will affect your appearance. That is why you should use appropriate conditioner or coconut oil afterward to return its shine. Repeat this particular process at least five times before the test so that you can be ultimately successful.

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