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The Case By billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev Reaches a New Height Now

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The Case By billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev Reaches a New Height Now

The Russian boss of AS Monaco is ready to challenge at the highest level the decision of the Monegasque justice on the study by the police of his cell, learned Friday by his lawyer. The judges of the Principality believe that this investigation is necessary in the context of the case between Dmitri Rybolovlev and art dealer Yves Bouvier. Now let us have a better view of the bouvier affair with the proper understanding.

  • The lawyer of Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev in conflict with his Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier threatened Friday to fight before the European Court of Human Rights the decision of the Monegasque justice to validate the investigation of his mobile phone.
  • “It will be fought in cassation and before the European Court of Human Rights if necessary,” said TetianaBersheda in a statement from his lawyer, Me Herv√©Temime: “my right to respect for life private law and my solicitor-client privilege have been severely violated by the Monegasque courts , “she adds.

Complaint for scam

TetianaBersheda’s cell phone was seized in the medico-judicial battle between Dmitri Rybolovlev and Yves Bouvier, the first accusing the second of having cheated him of a billion dollars, with the complicity of their mutual friend Tania Rappo, in applying exorbitant margins.

In support of this complaint for fraud filed early 2015, Me Bersheda had even produced a registration of Tania Rappo, challenged by it.

“In a totally illegal way, in my opinion, the investigating judge then extracted from my phone the entirety of the messages it contained, relating to my professional activity as a lawyer and my private life. He did not check the integrity of the recording, which was the only reason for me to hand over my phone” says Bersheda.

The art of deception

Bloomberg quotes an email dated July 25, 2012, sent by Valette to Bouvier: “The Head is a unique sculpture,” he says referring to a work by Modigliani. If it is “very difficult” to define the price of this masterpiece, he writes, it must surely be worth between 80 and 100 million euros, given the high demand for modern sculptures and the absence of better Modigliani on the market. This letter was redirected by Bouvier to the representative of Rybolovlev.

In 2014, Bouvier announced that the sellers of the No. 6 Rothko agreed to part with the Head Matching 80 million euros, and the Rybolovlev team decided. At that time Bouvier, of course, had by now bought the Rothko for 80 million, whereas the original seller did not know anything about the Head that never interested him. However Bouvier promised to give them back the Head. In fact, the sculpture was entrusted to Sotheby’s and sold at public auction in New York later this year.

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